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SCL-3115 Smart User and Group Selection Dialog now supports options for selecting Users or Groups only


Based on a new property OperatingMode the Consultingwerk.Windows.Framework.Authorization.SmartUserAndGroupSelectionForm now allows to restrict the available list items to user or group records only.
We are not changing the Dialogs title based on this setting as we believe that the calling routine will know much better in which context the user and group selection dialog is used. The calling dialog can change the dialog title using the Text property accordingly.

Code Block

DEFINE VARIABLE oSelectionForm AS SmartUserAndGroupSelectionForm    NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE oDialogResult  AS System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult NO-UNDO.

oSelectionForm = NEW Consultingwerk.Windows.Framework.Authorization.SmartUserAndGroupSelectionForm ().

oSelectionForm:Text = "Select Users" .
oSelectionForm:OperatingMode = UserOrGroupEnum:Users .

WAIT-FOR oSelectionForm:ShowDialog()  SET oDialogResult .

{Consultingwerk/check-dialogresult-ok.i oDialogResult}


SCL-3116 Proparse now exposes The PersistentHandleVar reference of the Call object


We've extended Proparse so that the PersistentHandleVar refernce of the Call object is now publicly accessible.

SCL-3117 SmartParentGroup Business Entity added to deployment-datasets.json


An entry for the SmartParentGroupBusinessEntity has been added to the list of deployment datasets. The dump and load functionality for this business entity is now available from the "Export and Import SmartFramework Metadata" application form.

New Feature

SCL-3077 Implemented new abstraction API for Proparse


We have implemented a new abstraction API for Proparse. The current implementation still relies in (IKVM based). However the abstraction API will allow us to release an alternative API for Proparse without dependency on the .NET Framework.
An sample program for parsing

Code Block

USING Consultingwerk.Studio.ProparseApi.Implementation.ProparseDotNet.* FROM PROPATH.
USING Consultingwerk.Studio.ProparseApi.*                               FROM PROPATH.

DEFINE VARIABLE oApi       AS IProparseApi NO-UNDO .
DEFINE VARIABLE oNode      AS INode        NO-UNDO .

oApi = NEW ProparseDotNetApi() .
oApi:initialize() .

oParseUnit = oApi:ParseFile ("Consultingwerk/StudioTest/SCL3077/TestClass1.cls") .
oNode = oParseUnit:GetTopNode():FirstDirectChild(NodeTypesEnum:N_USING) .