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SCL-3111 Value Object Repository generator used to generate code with hard coded reference to DB table from customer's schema


We've fixed the comments generated by the ValueObejctGenerator (Business Entity Designer Plugin). The comments were always referencing a table from a customer application and not the table currently generated.


SCL-3084 Implemented Unit Test for OEDT Style comments


We have implemented a unit test that verifies that all our method/property/event/constructor comments comply with the OEDTdoc style providing improved developer experience when using OEDT.

SCL-3092 Extended Callgraph parser with support for known session super procedures


Based on a service of the type ISessionSuperProcedureProvider the Callgraph parser now supports evaluating calls to known session super procedures. As those procedures are not represented in the Proparse AST out of the box, we need to inject the list of known session super-procedures to the Callgraph parser.

SCL-3100 Added timestamp to  Consultingwerk.Exceptions.Exception


On customer request, we have added a new Property CreationTime to the SessionInfo object attached to the Consultingwerk.Exception.Exception class.
This property allows to inspect the time when an Exception was raised.

SCL-3102 Callgraph Utility now added to the SmartComponent Library Desktop


We have added a new shortcut for starting the Callgraph Utility to the SmartComponent Library desktop.
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SCL-3109 Improved caching of SmartTranslation records in the Translation Provider


We have improved the caching and the data retrieval of the SmartFramework Translation Provider. Generally we're issuing fewer request to the Translation Business Entity when falling back to the default language.
We have additionally implemented a new setting in .applicationsettings/.restapplicationsettings:

Code Block

"KeepTranslationCacheOnLanguageChange": "true"

This setting now controls that translastions (resolved with falling back to the default language) remain cached also when the language changes, e.g. between AppServer requests.

SCL-3112 Completed support for localization of the menu authorization maintenance


The SmartUserAndGroupSelectionForm (used in the Menu Security Maintenance) now supports localization of the labels on the two list views used for the selected and available users or groups.

SCL-3113 ValueObjectRepositoryGenerator was building wrong FIND statement for second source table when using OUTER-JOIN in the Data-Source Query


The ValueObjectRepositoryGenerator (Business Entity Designer Plugin) was adding the OUTER-JOIN option used in the Source Default Query (joined query) to the FIND statements generated in the static factory methods.
While this seems to be valid ABL syntax and did not cause any functional limitation, this might have confused developers. We're not removing query options OUTER-JOIN and INDEXED-REPOSITION when generating the FIND statements.

SCL-3114 Improved handling of back-space in the database fields code assist


We have improved the handling of the back-space key in the database fields content assist used for instance in the Business Entity Designer source default query editor. The back-space key can now also be used to remove a character when the selection list with proposals is open.

New Feature

SCL-3079 Extended Callgraph with qualification of routine


We have extended the Callgraph parser with the capability top qualify every routine:
- user interface
- database access read only
- database access with update
This will support decisions when refactoring ABL legacy code.