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SCL-3039 Business Entity security restrictions in catalog were incorrect when caching of the Catalog is enabled


When the JSDO Catalogs have been cached using the Caching service, the security restrictions (object token security) for the Business Entity has not been reflecting the authorization of the current user. This has been resolved now.


SCL-2893 DatasetModel now uses UnmanagedWhenInCallStack Business Service Mode when UseInterface = ServiceManager and


When the DatasetModel is using the ServiceManager and the UseDedicatedInstance is set to ? the DatasetModelPerformer now uses the BusinessServiceOperatingModeEnum:UnmanagedWhenInCallStack when requesting a Business Entity instance from the Service Manager.

SCL-3054 Implemented Angular Web Rendering for simple ComboBox


We have implemented rendering of simple MetaComboBox instances in Angular viewers.

SCL-3062 Implemented backend support for rendering of the provideForeignFieldValue callback/event


We have now implemented rendering capabilities for the provideForeignFieldValue callback/event method for Lookups and Combo-Boxes in Angular viewers.

New Feature

SCL-3061 NoLabel Support for Angular component rendering


We have implemented support for rendering components in an Angular viewer with the noLabel attribute based on the NoLabel repository attribute for
- buttons
- text boxes
- radio-sets
- check boxes
- combo-boxes
- lookups
- group-boxes