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SCL-3050 Fix ** FIND FIRST/LAST failed for table ttTranslationCache. (565)


Some customers have seen this error returned to the client when a Business Entity was using the Translation Provider.
We are now clearing the error status in the Translation Provider before returning to the caller after failed attempts to locate records in the Translation Provider internal cache temp-tables.

SCL-3060 Fixed issue with the "New Business Entity Wizard" in Legacy Browse Migration Form


We have fixed an issue where the "New Business Entity Wizard" in the Legacy Browse Migration Form did not respect field mapping (e.g. replacing hyphens in field names) when creating fields for the primary unique key.

SCL-3065 Implemented Backend support for unbound fields in Angular UI


We have implemented rendering support for the "Unbound" attribute of fields in Angular viewers. The Unbound attribute is optional and can be set for components that should not be data-bound to fields from the JSDO Data Source.


SCL-2984 Implemented Auto-Layout Feature for Business Entity Designer


We have implemented an Auto-Layout function for the Business Entity Designer. The function can be invoked from a Button in the Business Entity Designer Ribbon.
The following Assembly references have changed to support this feature:

Code Block

<assembly name="Consultingwerk.Support, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=10603cb31df311b3"/>
<assembly name="Crainiate.Diagramming, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=10603cb31df311b3"/>
<assembly name="Crainiate.Diagramming.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=10603cb31df311b3"/>


SCL-3047 Removed access to Property MonitorDropDownBehavior of ultraToolbarsManager


We have removed access to the MonitorDropDownBehavior property of Infragistics UltraToolbarsManager. This property is not used by our code, however the Progress Developer Studio visual designer seems to be adding this to some forms with a default value.
The property is not available in the UltraControls version Progress ships with OpenEdge 11.7.2 so that was is causing issues for some customers.

SCL-3048 Improved error handling during calling to GET-DB-CLIENT


To improve debugging of issues with an incorrect (or not connected) authenticationDb setting in the .applicationsettings or .restapplicationsettings file we have now implemented a GetDbClient method in the DatabaseHelper. Like the SetDbClient method it provides clear error messages about which database name caused the GetDbClient to fail.

SCL-3049 Fixed issue with invalid repository type in attribute definition


Customers might have seen this error message in the Repository Viewer or Grid Designer:

No Format

The parameter value "" for pcDataType in Consultingwerk.Util.DataTypeHelper is invalid.

Call Stack: 
ToSystemType Consultingwerk.Util.DataTypeHelper at line 1549
DisplayProperties Consultingwerk.Windows.Framework.Repository.Object.SmartPropertyGridControl at line 129

We have improved the error message to include details about the property causing this issue. We have also corrected the definition of a single property in the repository causing this issue.

SCL-3051 SmartDynamicFilterControl:OnLoad now catches errors before thrown to .NET


Customers have reported .NET Exceptions when loading the SmartFilter control.
To improve debugging we are now handling errors raised during the control initialization before they are thrown to the .NET side.

SCL-3052 Improved error messages when toolbar definition files (JSON) are not available


We have improved the error messages raised when the toolbar definition files (JSON) are not available, e.g. as a result to references to our demo file in the default .applicationsettings or .restapplicationsettings files.
Previously a message from the JSON Object Model Parser was shown. Now we raise a clear error message including the invalid file name.

SCL-3053 Responsive rendering of Angular viewers failed when there is only a single component directly parented in the viewer


We have resolved an issue in the rendering of responsive viewers for the Angular UI.
The issue occurred when there was only a single component (e.g. GroupBox) directly contained in the viewer. The result was an empty viewer JSON markup.

SCL-3056 Implemented support for translations to authorization error messages


We have now implemented support for translations on the error messages raised by the Service Interface when the Request Authorization Provider indicates that the user is not authorized for the current request.
The error message can now be localized using the SFR 210 error message.

SCL-3057 Legacy GUI Migration now suggests short .w file name when creating repository objects


Legacy GUI Migration now suggests the short name of the .w file as the name for the repository object when creating a viewer or browser in the Repository.

SCL-3058 Angular viewer rendering: Random label was repeated for field with no Label


We have resolved an issue in rendering Angular Viewers. Like in this example components with no label, like the one button on this screenshot have had the label or a (more or less) random other field inherited.
This issue is resolved now.

SCL-3059 Added support for custom style attributes for Angular group-box rendering


We have now implemented support for rendering custom style attributes for GroupBox components in Angular Viewers.

SCL-3063 Studio Desktop now remembers most recently launched tool


The SmartComponent Library Studio Desktop now remembers the most recently launched tool and repositions to this tool when starting.


SCL-3064 Implemented a helper class to simplify formbased authentication from the ABL http client


We have implemented a new helper class that supports performing a form based login when using the ABL http client to perform (REST) requests to a PASOE instance secured by the form based login model.
The Consultingwerk.Framework. http .FormBasedLoginHelper class provides methods that perform the login an return the JSESSIONID Cookie instance required for actual calls to the PASOE backend.