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SCL-3044 Resolved issue with compiling ABL Unit customization on OpenEdge 11.7.6 CQC


We have resolved an issue introduced by Progress Software by porting changes made in OpenEdge 12.2 to 11.7.6. We have deleted our customization to ABL Unit which was reporting the Consultingwerk AssertException errors as failure and not an error.
We will reimplement this experimental feature in a future release.


SCL-3038 Added field labels to SmartUser and SmartGroup temp-tables


We have added missing field labels to the temp-tables of the SmartUser and SmartGroup business entities.

SCL-3040 Backend support for foreign fields in SCLNG Combobox


The rendering of Angular Combobox components now supports rendering the foreignFields property as well.

SCL-3041 Backend support for foreign fields in SCLNG Lookup


The rendering of Angular Lookup components now supports rendering the foreignFields property as well.

SCL-3043 GuiClientStartupManager now provides status display while loading startup form


The GUI client startup manager now also displays a status/progress screen while launching the main menu form.

SCL-3046 Repository Lookup Generator in Business Entity Designer now allows to setup entity field mapping


The repository lookup generator wizard in the Business Entity Designer now supports to create the entries in the entity field mapping table to automate the instantiation of the lookup in viewers referencing certain fields name patterns.

New Feature

SCL-3037 Swimlane and default actor support in workflow maintenance


The Smart Workflow maintenance form now supports adding swimlanes to the workflow design. Swimlanes allow to assign a single user or a user group as the default actor.

SCL-3042 ABL GUI Browse widget migration now supports generation of repository browser


The ABL GUI Browse widget migration utility now supports the generation of MetaGrid object masters in the repository from legacy ABL GUI code.

SCL-3045 Legacy Viewer Migration now detects possible lookup like constructs


The Legacy viewer migration utility now detects combinations of fill-ins and buttons and potentially a description field fill-in as a potential lookup component. Detection is based on location of widgets on the screen and the characteristics of the trigger code.