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11.3.3, 11.3.4, 11.4, 11.6.2, 11.6.3, 11.7, 11.7.1, 11.7.2,, 11.7.4, 12.0

Release 11.3 #53757@2019-08-11

OpenEdge 12.0 support!

We are please to announce that we are not aware of any issues using the SmartComponent Library on OpenEdge 12.0. We hereby declare OpenEdge 12.0 fully supported for the SmartComponent Library as of the release of May 1st 2019.

OpenEdge 11.7.4 support!

We are please to announce that we are not aware of any issues using the SmartComponent Library on OpenEdge 11.7.4. We hereby declare OpenEdge 11.7.4 fully supported for the SmartComponent Library as of the release of November 5th 2018.


SCL-2678 Resolved SmartLinkType GUID conflict with AKIOMA Repository


Our Partner AKIOMA is using the SmartFramework Repository for their Web based framework. They are using a similar object scheme and had created the "Navigation" SmartLink before us. When we have shipped our version of the Navigation SmartLinkType record this caused a conflict with data in AKIOMA's installations.
We have now adopted the same GUID for "our" Navigation link. The SmartDB upgrade and migration script will convert the GUID of the SmartLink and SmartLinkType records. The containers containing those modified SmartLink records will be flagged as modified.
The new GUID of the Navigation SmartLinkType is: f52235a4-c120-2490-3814-9e29182ad912

SCL-2719 Resolved conflicts between References to Flags enum and customer DB in ParameterObject and ValueObject


We've resolved compiler issues at one customer caused by conflict between a database field and abbreviated static references to the Progress.Reflect.Flags enum.

SCL-2720 Revolved DatasetModel Interface generator creating invalid source for extent properties.


We've fixed an issue in the generator for the TableModel Interfaces.

SCL-2729 Updated web page URL for scl-pasoe-.... documentation


Following the move of our Atlassian Confluence based documentation we have now updated the scl-pasoe-... sciprt's to open the new updated documentation web site location when launched with no arguments.

SCL-2730 Fixed issue in Consultingwerk.Framework.Server.AppServerStartupManager with parsing service definitions


We have resolved an issue in the AppServerStartupManager and derived implementation (e.g. GuiClientStartupManager) which might prevented the session from starting successfully.
The issue might have occurred when the JSON configuration file (or files the configuration is based on) were mixing references to service.xml files and direct references to services. The error seen would have been similiar to this here:
Array subscript 4 is out of range. The indeterminate extent is fixed to a dimension of 3. (11388)
The issue is now fixed.

SCL-2731 SmartRepositoryService would not be loaded on an AppServer client due to dependencies to the SmartDB


We've resolved direct dependencies from the SmartRepositoryService to the SmartDB.
Furthermore we've added the SmartRepositoryService to the Consultingwerk\SmartFramework\services_client.xml file. This is considered a temporary solution until the client rendering can fully depend on the SmartRepositoryClientService (SCL-2732).


SCL-2716 Now supports RESTful entities with ROWID KEYS


We have enhanced the RESTful Entities. Developers dealing with Business Entities without a unique field combination in the database can now use the ROWID Keys also as the id field value for RESTful URL's:

Code Block

@RestAddress (type="record", address="/Scl2617Test/~{DbRowidField}", tables="eShipTo", id="DbRowidField",
              fields="eShipTo.*", canRead="true", canUpdate="true", canDelete="true").

@RestAddress (type="collection", address="/Scl2617Test", tables="eShipTo", id="DbRowidField",
              fields="CustNum,ShipToID", canCreate="true", canDelete="true").

The support for ROWID based RESTful URL's is now based on an enhancement of the Data Access query building routine (Consultingwerk.OERA.Query.QueryString). This now supports resolving a client query string like

Code Block
FOR EACH eShipTo WHERE eShipTo.DbRowidField = "<rowid value>"


Code Block
FOR EACH eShipTo WHERE eShipTo.DbRowidField = TO-ROWID("<rowid value>")


SCL-2725 GuiClientStartupManager now usable without startup Form


Previously, the GuiClientStartupManager has always attempted to launch the StartupForm - even when the configuration property was left empty.
We have made this optional when the StartupForm is not defined. This simplifies the integration of the GuiClientStartupManager into existing frameworks that take care of loading their own main menu etc.

SCL-2726 ModelClassGeneratorPlugin now supports abstraction from EntityName


There are situations where it's required to use a customized entity name in the EntityName property of the generated portion of the DatasetModel code (e.g. CustomerDatasetModel_Generated). This is typically the case, when customers implement a ServiceNameMappingService to abstract the true Business Entity implementations (customization scenario). Customers might demand to use Interface names as the client/consumer visible EntityName.
This is now supported by maintaining the ModelClassGenerator.EntityName custom property.

SCL-2728 scl-gen ant script now uses the PCT.jar file provided with the SmartComponent Library as part of the SmartDB upgrade and migration utility


We've made two changes to the scl-gen batch file to simplify the usage of the script for customers not using ANT and PCT for other tasks
a) when present (OpenEdge 11.7 onward) we're now using the ant installation provided with OpenEdge to execute the script. When the OpenEdge setup does not contain ant we're falling by on the previous behavior with was to expect ant to be available in the windows PATH
b) we're referencing the PCT.jar file from the SmartComponent Library Setup\Install\lib folder so that customers using the scl-gen script are not dependent on BYO PCT.jar

SCL-2733 Added ServiceLoader logging when ListService calls initialize() on new services


The ServiceLoader uses the ListService class to invoke the initialize() method no new Ccs.Common.IService implementations.
We've now added logging for this:

No Format

[19/08/10@08:43:01.658+0200] P-031664 T-008272 1 AS-7 ServiceLoa     ### Initializing Service: Consultingwerk.Framework.Factory
[19/08/10@08:43:01.658+0200] P-031664 T-008272 1 AS-7 ServiceLoa     ### Finished initializing Service: Consultingwerk.Framework.Factory 0 msec
[19/08/10@08:43:01.659+0200] P-031664 T-008272 1 AS-7 ServiceLoa     ### Initializing Service: Consultingwerk.OERA.RestResource.RestResourceService
[19/08/10@08:43:06.770+0200] P-031664 T-008272 1 AS-7 ServiceLoa     ### Finished initializing Service: Consultingwerk.OERA.RestResource.RestResourceService 5111 msec
[19/08/10@08:43:06.770+0200] P-031664 T-008272 1 AS-7 ServiceLoa     ### Initializing Service: Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Authorization.SmartRequestAuthorizationProvider
[19/08/10@08:43:06.771+0200] P-031664 T-008272 1 AS-7 ServiceLoa     ### Finished initializing Service: Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Authorization.SmartRequestAuthorizationProvider 1 msec


SCL-2717 Support for FormAction


We've added a new FormAction property to the two menu function types
Consultingwerk.Web2.SmartFramework.Menu.LaunchWebViewCallParameter (Angular Web)
Consultingwerk.Windows.Framework.LaunchFormCallParameter (GUI for .NET)
Using that property, developers can specify an action which should be executed when the form is started (e.g. Add). For GUI for .NET, the property FormAction is set on the new Form instance, so that developers can add relevant code to handle the FormAction in the form's OnShown event.

SCL-2721 TableModel / BufferModel can now become the owner of the passed in Buffer handle and Temp-Table


When creating a BufferModel based on an existing Buffer, a new parameter passed to the constructor of the BufferModel (TableModel) of type Consultingwerk.OERA.BufferModelGcModeEnum allows to control if the BufferModel will delete the Buffer and the Temp-Table in it's destructor.

SCL-2722 BufferModel (TableModel) now supports creating the temp-table internally


Generated TableModel classes can now be instantiated without any parameter. In this more, a BufferModel based on a dynamically created temp-table will be created. This is useful when BufferModels should be used to pass around data without relying on an external owner of a temp-table.
This feature requires regeneration of the TabelModel classes based on the most recent templates; customers may need to update their own templates.
Existing TableModel classes need to be deleted first or a constructor with no arguments must be added manually.