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SCL-2938 Resolved an issue with creating users through the UserDatasetModel


We have resolved an issue in the UserDataAccess class that has caused an issue when creating new user records with a password set through the UserDatasetModel.

SCL-2939 Resolved issue with display of user name in the Security Assignment form


We've resolved an issue that caused that always the "first" (same) user name was shown for all security assignment records and not the name of the user that belongs to the current assignment record.

SCL-2940 Business Entity Designer canvas scrolling improved for large designs


We have improved the scrolling behavior in the Business Entity Designer for large business entity designs.

SCL-2942 Fixed an issue with handling renames in the Business Entity Designer "refresh from include file"


We have restored the functionality in the Business Entity Designer which allows to detect renaming of fields in the temp-table source code.

SCL-2945 Resolved an undesired dependency from SmartFramework to a Windows\Framework include file


We have resolved an undesired dependency from the Consultingwerk.SmartFramework package to the Consultingwerk.Windows package. The dependency was caused by a reference to the Consultingwerk\Windows\Framework\System\ttTranslationArguments.i include file. The include file has was moved to the Consultingwerk\SmartFramework\System package.


SCL-2941 Fixed issue with "Replace Instance" dialog in the Repository Object Maintenance Dialog


The "Replace Instance" feature in the Repository Object Maintenance Form was not working when using the double-click to select and conform a new object master. It did only work when confirming the dialog with the OK button.
This issue has been resolved now.

New Feature

SCL-2825 Implemented persistent repository cache


The have implemented a persistent cache feature for the SmartFramework repository. The cache is persisted in XML files. The folder for those XML files is configured in the .applicationsettings or .restapplicationsettings file through the RepositoryCacheFolder setting.
To generate the cache, the "Create Repository Cache" utility.
The repository cache is retrieve at runtime though the Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Repository.ISmartRepositoryCache implementation Consultingwerk.SmartFramework.Repository.SmartRepositoryCache

SCL-2898 Added graphical user interface for the scl-pasoe-... scripts


We have added a new tool to the SmartComponent Library Desktop. This new tool allows to execute the scl-pasoe-... scripts ( ).
Image Modified

SCL-2944 Added "Insert Data Fields" functionality to the repository viewer designer


We have added a new functionality to the viewer designer in the repository object master designer. This new functionality allows to add fields from the design time data source which are not yet inserted as instances in the viewer.