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SCL-2911 Resolved issue with Legacy GUI Frame Migration not recognizing temp-table fields with customized names


We have resolved an issue in the Legacy GUI migration where customized temp-table fields have not been recognized as Data Fields in the repository.

SCL-2913 Resolved an issue in the Viewer Generator of the Business Entity Designer


When a ProDataset was using looped relations the Viewer Generator wizard of the Business Entity Designer might have kept looping in an infinitive loop.
This issue is resolved now.


SCL-2899 All SmartFramework Business Entities use validation error messages from the SmartMessage table now


We have now replaced hard coded error messages in the SmartFramework Business Entities with error messages stored in the SmartDB.SmartMessage table.

SCL-2910 Added progress bar to "Create Data Fields" in Business Entity Designer


Creating the Data Fields in the SmartFramework repository may take significant amount of time. We have now added a progress bar to indicate the progressing status while creating the MetaDataFIeld objects.

SCL-2914 Consultingwerk Studio Desktop now using distinct images for each tool


We are using now a distinct image for every tool in the Consultingwerk Studio Desktop.

SCL-2915 Improved Business Entity Designer Edit Fields dialog cursor navigation


We have improved the cursor key navigation in the Edit Fields dialog of the Business Entity Designer.

SCL-2916 Improve Enter/Return key behavior in the Business Entity Designer preferences


The editor control used to edit the list of Business Entity Designer plugins is now handling the Enter/Return key as a line break as expected by most users.

SCL-2917 Legacy UI Migration now provides configurable scaling factor for translating row/columns into pixels


We do now provide a configurable scaling factor for the ABL GUI migration. The scaling is based on the SESSION:PIXELS-PER-COLUMN and PIXELS-PER-ROW attributes. Using factors stored in the .applicationsettings file (IConfigurationProvider service) developers may now set a factor to be applied to those attributes, e.g:

SCL-2918 Resolved an issue with EXTENT fields in the parsed .w files in the legacy GUI Migration


We have resolved an issue resulting in incorrect handling of EXTENT fields parsed on an ABL FRAME widget.
This issue is resolved now.

SCL-2919 Legacy GUI Frame Migration to MetaViewer now remembers product module selection


To improve the usability of the tool, the tool now remembers the product module last recently used to generate a MetaViewer object master.

SCL-2922 OpenFile editor support for InputPromptHelper:ComplexInputPrompt


We've implemented a new Control which can be used with the InputPromptHelper:ComplextInputPrompt. The control of the type Consultingwerk.Windows.Util.ComplexInputPrompt.ComplexInputOpenFileControl can be used to add a file open prompt to the dialog. Using an optional parameter to the class constructor the OpenFileDialog:Filter property can be set, e.g.
"Business Entity Design (.bedgm)|.bedgm|All files (*.*)|*.*"

New Feature

SCL-58 Added a new Data Driven TreeView Control


We have implemented a new GUI for .NET tree view control based on the Infragistics UltraTree Control. This control shares the same data source (node provider) with our Angular tree view component.
The Consultingwerk.Windows.Controls.DynamicTreeViewControl control is retrieving it's tree nodes from an Consultingwerk.CommonUi.Components.TreeView.ISmartTreeNodeProvider instance via the Consultingwerk.CommonUi.Components.TreeView.ISmartTreeNodeProviderRegistry service in the same way as the Angular web component does. The ISmartTreeNodeProviderRegistry registry can hold references to multiple ISmartTreeNodeProvider instances. When a node type is requested, the registry iterates the registered ISmartTreeNodeProvider instances an returns the node structure returned by the first ISmartTreeNodeProvider that implements the given node key.


SCL-2897 Maintenance of allowed child object types


We have now added a new tab to the Object Type Maintenance form. This third tab now allows to maintain the list of object types that are supported as types of instances in the selected object type (container).
Note: The validation of the allowed child object types is not yet implemented and will be released in the next few weeks.